Monday, April 30, 2018

Building Redesign Update

Are you thinking, “I haven’t heard anything about the building renovation lately.  Am I out of the loop?”

If so, don’t worry.  Lately the activity has been technical in nature.  No decisions have been considered or made.
Where is the process going?
About a year ago we agreed on assumptions regarding our visioning.
We embarked on a visioning process that included many groups and individuals in the church.
The Building Committee, along with our architect, pulled the ideas together for another round of discussion.
We decided on a vision and submitted it to the Coordinating Council and Congregation who approved
the vision and agreed upon a process.
The Coordinating Council agreed to a contract with the architect, as the congregation directed, and the contract is now under review with a lawyer.
So we are waiting.  We are waiting for the lawyer to respond and then the architect to respond with questions for us.  We will go back and forth with Jay until we have a specific plan for the Coordinating Council and the Congregation to consider.
You are not out of the loop.  There will be plenty to talk about soon.  Take a breather and prepare for more to come.


  1. Appreciate the update, Will, even though I am more than two months late in reading it! This is especially helpful to those of us who are not able to make the meetings or serve on the committees.

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