Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Lamp-stand?

You know the text that talks about not hiding your light under a basket.  We are to let our light shine brightly on a lamp-stand to give light to the world.  Strangely enough I find that one of our most visible lamp-stands is the web.  Facebook and the church web site are lamp-stands that provide light that others may “see our good deeds.”

I have experienced this "lamp-stand" text in a new context as I sit in the basement of the church this week.  More than once in the last several days we have been contacted by churches who have seen our website and want to talk with us about Sanctuary for refugees or who want suggestions for ways their church might be a more courageous peace, justice community.

Yes, you are doing good deeds at CCU.  You are opening the church to people who are in need or who are fleeing from persecution.  You are giving money and time to provide meals, transportation, housing and comfort.  You open the building to AA groups, community groups and organizations seeking to do good works.

All of that is good in itself.  Not only is it good, but these are deeds that may become light to the world.  It is fitting that we are humble and do not seek glory for what we do, but we also have an obligation to contribute to the light in the world.  On our own, we can only do so much.  However, when others see our deeds and feel our commitment to each other then at that point our light shines out and deeds multiply.

So the light shines out and I get a call.  “Can you tell us how your church got involved in Sanctuary for immigrants?”  Peter is on vacation so Karen hands me a note from another church.  “We looked at your website,” they say, “can you tell us how your church got so involved in justice issues?  We want to start down that road.”

Good deeds are good.  Keep up the good work.  But also let your light so shine on our lamp-stand that people keep clicking through and becoming engaged.  It is happening.

Will Miller

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